Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Crop-Top

Summer is hitting the other side of the world.. Not where I'm currently staying because I'm in Sydney. But well.. there's a plus a being an oversea student. When Sydney gets cold and I'm getting sick of the winter with crazy wind blowing, I still can have a getaway to where summer currently.. hih..
So that's why even though, winter is coming to Syd.. I still manage to pull together some summer looks.

Crop-tops are hot.. I mean they're perfect for summer..

Going to the beach or going to a party, with the right crop-top, you still can look hot yet not feeling hot. lol. 

I used to have the stupid idea like: just skinny girls can pull off a crop top. But it isn't true. You can always pair your crop-top with high waist short (lower pic) or high waist skirt (upper pic) to get the cover you want. 

 Or with the lower 2 pics, people won't even be able to see your tummy at all, yet it's still a crop-top. hmm.. just not so crop anymore.

My point is if you're looking for a summer outfit, you can consider any of these outfits without having to worry about how your abs might look (thanks for the creation of high waist pants and shorts and skirt >:P) or you know, you always have that option of hitting the gym. You know.. not so effortless but it's healthy, plus, you'd look great.. 
Thank you for reading, xoxo

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The graphic t-shirt

T-shirts are probably one of the most essential items in any girl's closets. It doesn't matter whether you're girly or sporty, you must have at least a few t-shirts, and I'm not talking about those belong to your boyfriend or brother that you wear to bed.
I'm a big fan of casual and comfy for everyday kind of events. And so, I have a lot of t-shirts, mostly  simple graphic ones.
I guess t-shirts are never out of trend not only because you can wear a t-shirt to basically everywhere and any type of casual events, but also because t-shirts aren't just simple, basic items anymore. They come with different type of print and decoration that can easily become a bold statement to show the world your style. 

I tend to wear active and casual clothing but in a girly kinda way (visit my instagram @ngohgiang) and you'll see what I'm talking about lol. I love white t-shirt with print doesn't matter they are from luxury brands or Zara and H&M kind of brands. 

More than often I found myself picking up a white t-shirt, maybe because most of my bottoms are dark colour so I tend to choose bright tops or just simply because I have a thing for white tops. :">. But this Givenchy t-shirt is a die for. T.T I remember back when I first saw this on one of those famous fashion bloggers, I immediately went online and look for it, but it's either out of stock or has no small size left >_<.
I put together some sets of what I would wear with my t-shirts. I really mean it when I say they can go with many many things, from a girly elegant look with skirt and heels, to more casual but still chic where you wear t-shirt with jeans and high heels. 

The last look is actually something I have worn last week to the Ivy presents Will.I.Am last week. ^^

 thank you for reading, xoxo

Monday, 13 May 2013

the statement necklace

It has been a while since statement necklaces become a must-have item in girls' closet. Personally, I love those necklaces because just a touch of it, your whole outfit looks instantly more trendy and fashionable. Yeah.. I do know that fact and I do love what those statement necklaces can do to your outfit, but I'm more of a simple and active dressing girl. I always have the fear of overdressing for certain events such as uni, coffee with friends, casual shopping date... so although I posses quite a collection of statement necklaces from chunky ones to more simple ones, from gold and black to the trendy mint colour, I rarely use them >"<.

I attempt to put these 2 looks on polyvore with the same statement necklace, just to try proving that the same necklace can actually be used for different type of outfits. The first look here is sort of an elegant, girly looking which was inspired by Blake Lively as Serena in Gossip Girl season 6 (I'm so sad the series end, it was so inspirational, at least for me as I'm trying to believe overdress is good for a girl) lol.

The second look is more of an active looking that I think could be suitable for uni, or any casual kind of date with friends. Honestly, I love both outfits but due to the walking situation in Sydney =__=, I think if I choose the first outfit for shopping or dating day with friends, I would change those pretty heels into flats, you know, just to make sure I won't have to walk with bare feet home. 

I don't think matching a statement necklace with your outfit is hard. But I do tend to skip those extra details that I think might make me overdress looking. But I do want to try wearing statement necklace or bracelet more often as they're piping up in my drawer.
Here are some other looks I attempt to pull together with my statement necklaces and my wardrobe. Most of the clothes are from Zara, some are from Australian designer such as Seeds, Macrs, Dotti or more expensive brand (which is rarely) >_<. All of my statement necklaces are from Australian jewellery stores such as Lovisa, Collette or Diva, but mostly from Lovisa..

This necklace is like my favourite one for all time. It's from Diva, and this is one of the chunkiest one that I've got until now. I love the combination of it though, Yellow and Black, it goes with almost all of my outfit. Here I paired it with my white shirt from Zara and a floral dress (later pic), also from Zara but personally I prefer the first outfit.

This last one was my sister styled by me with a mint necklace, which I think looked just great along with the bright yellow coat. 

thank you for reading xoxO

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother Day's thought

Mommy calls me "little money blender"
Mommy calls me her baby girl
Mommy calls me her darling
Mommy calls me her pride
I call mommy my angel
I call mommy my idol
I call mommy my heroes
I call mommy "mommy"
Out of all those wishes I've wished
Out of those dreams I have in mind
The biggest one is for me to be able to take care of you the way you've always taken care of me.. and mommy I can never become a woman like you but I promised I'll try my best to keep your smile bright <3